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Producer prices rise 0.2%, but signs still point to lower inflation in Fed’s key gauge

Despite the producer price index coming in stronger than expected on Friday, the Federal Reserve’s most important measure of inflation, the personal consumption expenditures index, should remain near zero in June when it is released on July 26.

Slower pace of hiring in June bolsters case for Fed rate cut

The June jobs report should send a signal to the Fed that with inflation sitting at 2.6%, conditions are aligning for a rate cut in September.

Navigating the exit: how non-controlling shareholders can sell private company stock

Selling private company stock can be challenging for non-controlling shareholders. This article explores the critical considerations, from understanding company restrictions to finding the right buyers and planning for taxes.

IRS moves forward in Employee Retention Credit processing

The IRS is making significant strides in processing Employee Retention Credits. Gain a deeper understanding of these recent updates and their implications for your business. Stay ahead of the curve by reading our latest article.

Tax implications of legal gambling

With the rise of legal sports betting and online gambling, it’s crucial to understand the IRS reporting requirements associated with your winnings. Discover the thresholds for different types of gambling and how to report your earnings accurately.

Fed’s key inflation gauge continues to cool in May as income increases by 0.5%

The Federal Reserve’s preferred measure of inflation continued to ease in May as the personal consumption expenditures Index remained unchanged on the month and rose by 2.6% from a year ago.

AICPA issues quality management attestation standard

The AICPA recently issued SSAE No. 23 to update quality management guidance within its standards for attestation engagements.

Understanding the Child and Dependent Care Credit

Are you a parent or caregiver? This video breaks down everything you need to know about the child and dependent care credit. Don’t miss this opportunity to reduce your tax bill!.

Planning Ahead: How the End of TCJA Provisions Will Affect Your Taxes

Individual tax changes are coming by 2026, and preparation is key to staying ahead. This article offers a peek into the future of tax laws and how they could influence your finances. Don’t miss out on this chance to future-proof your tax strategy.

The DOL expands overtime protections: key changes and implications

Discover how the Department of Labor’s recent expansion of overtime protections could impact your business. This article discusses the key changes and implications of the new regulations.

Smart financial planning for college: a parent’s guide

Learn how to effectively plan and save for your child’s higher education. Understand student aid and family contributions, explore college savings plans, and discover how to increase your child’s chances of receiving merit-based scholarships.

IRS announces new phase of ERC Processing

The IRS is entering a new stage of Employee Retention Credit claim processing. The September 2023 moratorium continues, and claims filed before then are being slowly processed.

U.S. inflation expectations are well anchored as Fed nears decision

Our read on the economy, hiring and the labor market suggests that the Fed can ease rates without dislodging well-anchored expectations and still establish price stability.

Jobless claims ease as housing starts drop

Initial jobless claims dropped by 5,000 last week to 238,000 yet remained elevated near a 10-month high as housing starts fell in May to the lowest level since June 2020.

Retail sales and industrial production rise in May

The soft rebound in May”s retail sales was good news, suggesting that the economy might reach a soft landing sooner than expected.

U.S. consumer price index cools in May as gas and transportation costs decline

The encouraging May CPI data released by the Labor Department on Thursday is likely to be the first in a string of constructive inflation reports that will.