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U.S. new home sales miss forecasts amid rising mortgage rates

New home sales fell below estimates in April as mortgage rates surged to above 7%, the Census Bureau reported on Thursday.

Beyond group health insurance: understanding your options with Section 105 plans

Are you a small business owner looking to offer health benefits without breaking the bank? Our guide to ICHRAs and QSEHRAs explains how these health reimbursement arrangements work, their benefits, and how they can be tailored to fit the unique needs.

Estate planning insights from America’s wealthiest families

Discover how America’s elite manage their vast fortunes to ensure their wealth endures across generations. This article breaks down the successful strategies and common pitfalls in estate planning, using examples from storied dynasties like the.

CPI resumes disinflationary trend in April amid weakened retail sales

Overall CPI inflation rose by 0.3% in April, while core inflation—which excludes food and energy—also rose by 0.3%. This helped bring the year-over-year headline inflation down to 3.4% and core inflation to 3.6%.

Retail demand shows weakness, leading to first inflation dip in 6 months

In a noteworthy turn, core goods prices have experienced a continued decline, contributing to the first dip in inflation in six months.

U.S. consumer sentiment plunges on rising inflation

Inflation expectations rose sharply to 3.5% from 3.2% for the next 12 months while longer-term expectations inched up to 3.1% from 3.0%.

Initial jobless claims rise to the highest level since August

Our preferred metric of new claims—the 13-week moving average—rose slightly to 211,000, still below the pre-pandemic level.

The crucial role of data in financial institutions

Data collection is easy, using it well is hard. For finance, data fuels innovation, guiding decisions, growth, and risk mitigation.

Global regulatory pressures are closing the cybersecurity governance gap

Pressure on cybersecurity governance is increasing, with new objective measures for management, but also subjective standards for the board.

IRS releases plan to triple its audit rates on large corporations

Audit rates on large corporations to increase threefold, per newly released IRS roadmap for spending Inflation Reduction Act funds.

U.S. monthly employment report: Hiring cools in April

Hiring cooled in April from the torrid pace of 269,000 jobs on average during the first three months of 2024 as the economy generated an average increase of 175,000 in total employment.

Robust jobs growth continues in health care

Health care job gains remain strong, according to the U.S. monthly report on April numbers.

FTC finalizes broad ban on noncompete agreements

A new FTC ruling has made noncompete agreements unenforceable for most employees, with the aim of fostering competition and job mobility. The implications of this rule for businesses and employees are far-reaching, drawing both support and criticism.

Should you set up voluntary withholding for your social security payments? 

Unsure whether to set up voluntary withholding for your social security payments? This guide breaks down the concept of voluntary withholding, showing how it can help spread your tax liability over the year and make budgeting simpler.

Strategic depreciation practices for tax savings

Understanding the best approach to depreciation can be game-changing for your business. Don’t miss out on essential tax savings that could optimize your cash flow. Click to explore effective strategies that business owners are using to enhance their.

Fed holds rates steady as rebound in inflation hampers progress

Citing a lack of progress in reducing inflation, the Federal Reserve kept its policy rate unchanged at 5.5% at its meeting on Wednesday, the same rate it has had since July.